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Japanese Fans Rank Anime’s Most Shocking Hairdos

Our favorite anime and manga pollsters, Charapedia, are at it again this week with another question for the anime-loving Japanese masses, and their subject this time is a doozy: anime’s most shogekiteki na kamigata: shocking hairstyles. This is our favorite poll in a while.

Who’s got the craziest hair in anime? Here’s what 10,000 Japanese fans thought:

20. Noriaki Kakyoin – Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

19. Yusei Fudo – Yu-Gi-Oh!

18. Kimio Nagasawa – Chibi Maruko-chan

17. Masato Hijirikawa – Uta no Prince-sama

16. Tetsuro Kuroo – Haikyuu!!

15. Sazae Fuguta – Sazae-san

14. Franky – One Piece

13. Saitama – One Punch Man

12. Levi – Attack on Titan

11. Kotori Minami – Love Live!

10. Giorno Giovanna – Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

9. Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo – Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

8. Namihei Isono – Sazae-san

7. Suneo Honekawa – Doraemon

6. Kenpachi Zaraki – Bleach

5. Gon – Hunter x Hunter

4. Jean Pierre Polnareff – Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

3. Ran Mori – Detective Conan

2. Goku – Dragon Ball

1. Yugi Muto – Yu-Gi-Oh!

Clearly, Hirohiko Araki, creator of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, is a master of ballistic hairdos: no less than three of his characters made the list. Hats off to Araki and his crazy cuts.

A few characters made the list not so much for their wild hair as their complete lack thereof, most auspiciously One Punch Man’s Saitama, who lost his locks thanks to his intense hero training. Sazae-san’s Isono is your typical balding dad, with one wisp of hair right on top.
Taking the number spot is Yu-Gi-Oh’s Yugi Muto, whose hair is not only impossibly spiky but has multiple colors. Enjoy being number one, Yugi. You’ve earned it.

OUSA readers, what do you think: who’s got the most ridiculous head of hair in anime?

Source: Charapedia

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