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Japanese Fan Recreates Super Mario Bros. World 1-1 in Notebook

marioSomeone could probably argue that Super Mario Bros. World 1-1 isn’t the most iconic video game level of all time, but they would be wrong. This modest introduction to Nintendo’s classic platformer is a master class in teaching by design, so it’s understandable that it has been mimicked, parodied, and recreated countless times in the decades since its debut.

One of the latest reproductions comes not in the form of a digital tribute, but one confined strictly to paper. Specifically, this version of World 1-1 lives in the notebook of one seriously skilled Japanese fan, @KisaragiHutae6 on Twitter, who reproduced the entire stage with remarkable accuracy. Check it out in all its stop-motion-animated glory below.

To perfect the scrolling illusion he placed two open notebooks next to one another. It took him roughly three hours to draw all the art with ballpoint pens, after which he spent another 14 hours arranging pieces and filming. Here’s a look at some of the paper cutouts used for the animation:

@KisaragiHutae6 also works with perler beads. He once made all 151 original Pokémon out of them, and even recreated the opening of Pokémon Red.

Via SoraNews24