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Japanese Burglar Calls Himself Lupin, Claims 150 Thefts

We recently posted about a Lupin fan in Japan who took it too far and eventually got busted for robbing a convenience store with a replica of Lupin III’s gun of choice. It seems there’s something in the water with a few of the 40-somethings out there, because another man has been arrested for burglary, after which he called himself the “Lupin of Kansai.”

The man in question is 46-year-old Hiromichi Komatsu, who was arrested for allegedly breaking into an office and stealing nearly US$5,000 worth of computers and equipment. Police eventually tracked him down through similar thefts and the sales to secondhand shops that followed, and then Komatsu went on to boast about all the thefts he managed to pull off prior to this one.

According to his claims, the “Lupin of Kansai” committed around 100 thefts in the Kansai area before moving onto what he referred to as “The Flower of O-Edo,” which is an antiquated term for Tokyo that would only sound cool coming from, you know, an actual cool character in an old TV show. There, he says, he went on to commit “another 50 or so thefts,” adding to a grand total of roughly 150 crimes.

Here’s the news report about his arrest:

Source: NHK News Web via SoraNews24