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Japan Celebrates Pocky Day on Twitter

November 11 is known as Pocky Day in Japan, because the date, 11/11, looks like a bunch of sticks of the delicious Japanese treat all lined up in a row.

In celebration of the day, professional and fan manga and anime artists took to Twitter to celebrate the iconic stick-shaped confection.

Expect no less than full intensity from the cast of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

The ladies of Patlabor chomp down.

This user even went as far as to do some animation.

Shoko-tan (Pokemon Sunday) managed to fit 50 sticks of Pocky in her mouth.

The girls of KanColle prepare to play the “Pocky Game,” in which two partners eat a stick of Pocky from both ends.

Two high schoolers demonstrate how the Pocky Game works.

The cast of Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans gets in on the Pocky Game too.

For even more Pocky madness, check out the hashtag on Twitter.

What’s your favorite Pocky flavor?

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