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J-Novel Club Reveals 3 New Light Novels for August

j-novel club

J-Novel Club has just revealed three new light novel series it’s debuting this month. Let’s take a look!

First up is Marriage, Divorce, and Beyond: The White Mage and Black Knight’s Romance Reignited By Takasugi Naturu with Illustrations by kieshi akaz, which debut tomorrow, August 23.

J-Novel Club gave this description for it:

Heroic black knight Lina can fell monsters and slay dragons with ease, but when it comes to romance, she’s still a total rookie! After dozens of dates ending in failure, she’s ready to give up on her quest of finding a husband, even if the idea of a family is an alluring one. The hitch? Marriage is a requirement for all black knights!
You see, the ability to use old magic—essential for safely slaying dragons—is a rare gift, so there’s staggering pressure for black knights to pass their power on to the next generation. Worse yet, Lina’s in immediate danger without a partner to bless her armor. But it’s going to take
the right person…
Enter the prime minister’s aide, Joshua Granwell, a handsome and talented white mage who’s a perfect match for her mana. He’d make the ideal spouse for Lina—except she does not want to marry a noble. A contractual marriage might save Lina’s life, but surviving the marriage hereafter will be a challenge all its own!

Next is Jeanette the Genius: Defying My Evil Stepmother by Starting a Business with My Ride-or-Die Fiancé! By Miyako Miyano and Hayase Jyun, which debuts in two days, on August 24.

J-Novel Club gave this description for it:

When Jeanette’s father suddenly goes missing, her evil stepmother seizes the opportunity to cast her out of the house! Now she’s left with no family, no belongings, and nowhere to live. But Jeanette the eternal optimist firmly believes in one thing: “Every crisis is an opportunity for growth!”
Eager to face her new life, she has only one thing left to do to break free of her old—call off her engagement with the popular and beloved Count Claus! Little does she know the saintly gentleman she’s supposed to marry is secretly a blackhearted schemer, and he has other plans. In fact, he’s so madly in love with her, he’ll use any means necessary to stay by her side and assist her!
Once the couple begins working together, Jeanette’s enterprising nature starts to shine. With her positive attitude, her natural genius, and her clever, besotted fiancé, can Jeanette triumph over adversity and earn back what’s rightfully hers?

Last but not least is The Crown of Rutile Quartz by Surume Enoki and ttl, which debuts on August 29.

J-Novel Club gave this description for it:

Slaine is a humble, provincial commoner in the small Kingdom of Hasenvalia… Or so he thinks until the day the entire royal family is wiped out in a palace fire and Slaine comes to learn he’s really the king’s illegitimate son. It now falls on him to succeed the throne.
Despite his lack of knowledge and experience, Slaine’s natural wits and dedication—plus the support of his aide-de-camp, Monica—allow him to excel against all odds. The future for him and the kingdom looks bright—right up until the eve of his coronation, when the great Empire of Galed declares war against Hasenvalia. Faced with such a frighteningly powerful foe, Slaine is forced to make a choice between fleeing into political exile or resisting invasion to the bitter end.
Caught between the conflicting agendas of neighboring nations, this boy from a backwater town must learn how to grow into his crown. Witness the birth of a king!

Source: Press release


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