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J-Novel Club Announces Six New Light Novels, Two Manga Titles

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More fun is on the way from J-Novel Club, which took the opportunity of its latest industry livestream to reveal some new acquisitions. The latest batch includes six light novels and a pair of manga, so read on below for all the details on the upcoming titles.

All of the titles are launching in part today. 


Reincarnated as an Apple: This Forbidden Fruit Is Forever Unblemished! By Gato with Illustrations by Itsuki Mito

My name is Daisuke Furutsu, and I died getting hit by a truck full of apples. Yes, I know it’s a cliché setup. Apparently somebody upstairs fell asleep on the job. Anyway, as an apology, God lets me draw five Cards of Fate that are supposed to grant me superpowers in my next life. My first four draws are amazing—stuff like magic and an infinite inventory. But everything changes with the fifth card: a “curse” that turns me into whatever killed me. I thought I was gonna end up a truck, but now I’m an apple!

Luckily, I’ve made a friend named who can teach me how to move around. I also end up saving a wannabe adventurer who just might be willing to take me along for the ride. Time for this overpowered apple to get rollin’!

Peddler in Another World: I Can Go Back to My World Whenever I Want! By Hiiro Shimotsuki with Illustrations by Takashi Iwasaki

After quitting his job at a toxic company, Shiro Amata moves into the house his grandmother left him in her will. There, he soon makes two life-changing discoveries: one, his grandmother was really a witch from another world, and two, said other world is just on the other side of her closet door! Thanks to a book she left for Shiro, he also manages to obtain an all-powerful skill called “Equivalent Exchange,”which allows him to turn money from his world into otherworldly currency and vice versa.

With this, Shiro decides to set up shop and sell convenient items like matches to the colorful inhabitants of the other world. His plan: make a massive profit on the goods he brings from home to become so rich that he never needs another job ever again!

An Introvert’s Hookup Hiccups: This Gyaru Is Head Over Heels for Me! By Yuishi with Illustrations by Kagachisaku

When the gorgeous Nanami Barato confesses to Yoshin Misumai, it seems too good to be true! Only, it is—and Yoshin knows it. How’s an introverted guy like him supposed to keep his cool when he knows this is all just a dare? Even more puzzling, despite her gaudy appearance, this supposed gyaru isn’t actually all that good with guys! Perhaps this is the perfect chance for this shy guy to pluck up his own courage and say yes to the guy-shy girl. So begins their new cushy life of morning meet-ups and handmade lunches. The thing is, judging by the way she’s acting, Nanami has fallen head over heels for him!

From dares and dating to downright disasters, can these two first-timers figure out their feelings and maybe even fall in love—for real, this time?!

Making Magic: The Sweet Life of a Witch Who Knows an Infinite MP Loophole By Aloha Zachou with Illustrations by Tetubuta 

Looks like I’ve been reincarnated into a gamelike world filled with monsters and dungeons. But don’t worry—it’s nothing I can’t handle. I chose Creation Magic for my unique skill, you see, and it lets me make whatever item I want…so long as I’ve got enough mana. Ah, there’s always a catch, isn’t there? But where there’s a rule, there’s a loophole—and this little witch knows just the trick to expand her mana pool a bit more each day.

As for what I’ll be up to in the meantime, first I’ll make a friend. Next, I’ll make some tracks. (And the sooner, the better. The goddess dropped me off in the middle of the wastelands). Then finally, one day, I’ll make myself a place where I can truly belong. (That’s the plan, at least.) Time to make some magic!

The Invincible Little Lady By Chatsufusa with Illustrations by fuumi

On her deathbed, a sickly young girl wishes to be reborn with a strong body that will never succumb to anyone or anything. Lo and behold, her wish is granted! Upon reincarnating into another world as Mary Regalia, she discovers her new body has maxed-out attributes, from physical strength to defense—even magic.

But wait! That isn’t what she really wanted! All she longed for was a normal life. Baffled by God’s choice to grant her wish in this most unexpected way, Mary tries to spend her days as uneventfully as possible. The hitch is…nothing’s harder than living a normal life when you’re absolutely invincible!

The Mythical Hero’s Otherworld Chronicles By Tatematsuri with Illustrations by Ruria Miyuki 

Unexpectedly summoned to the world of Aletia from modern-day Japan, Hiro Oguro soon discovers this isn’t his first visit. As the legendary Hero King Mars, he once ruled battlefields, conquered nations, and founded the continent-spanning Grantzian Empire before giving up all memories of his hard-won glory to return home to his old life.

Now he’s back, a thousand years after he left, and his legacy is in peril. After a chance encounter with Princess Elizabeth von Grantz draws him into a cutthroat struggle for imperial succession, Hiro must don the mantle of the War God once more. Can he live up to his own legend now that Aletia needs him again?


Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill: Sui’s Great Adventure (Manga) By Momo Futaba with Original Work by Ren Eguchi and Character Designs by Masa

The spinoff of Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill is here, and Sui (the adorable slime) is the star! We join our intrepid newborn in the middle of a great forest, its cowardly master attempting to make his way through to the other side. Read on to experience the forest from a different perspective, spanning between meals and griffons, to potions and more! But be careful – children tend to get lost, especially in a dense and confusing woodland…

Rebuild World (Manga) By Kirihito Ayamura with Original Work by Nahuse and Original Illustrations by Gin, yish, and cell

Hunters brave the ruins of a long-dead civilization at the behest of the corporate city-states who thrive on its detritus. Amidst the decay lie powerful artifacts of ancient technology, eclipsing anything the corporations can develop. For a few successful hunters, the search for these relics is a road to untold riches. For most, it’s a shortcut to slaughter at the hands of mutant bioweapons and robotic sentinels. And for those trapped at the bottom of society, it’s the only way out.

Akira is uneducated, underfed, and unprotected—just another homeless kid in the sprawling slums between the walls of Kugamayama City and the deadly wastelands which surround it. Relic hunting offers his only hope of clawing his way to a better life outside the slums. But his first, desperate foray into the ruins threatens to end his brief life—until he meets a mysterious, incorporeal woman named Alpha.

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