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iPad App Finally Collects Taiyo Matsumoto’s No. 5

This has been a long time coming for fans of mangaka Taiyo Matsumoto, creator of such revered titles as Tekkonkinkreet and GOGO Monster. A new iPad app finally collects all of his series No. 5, which previously only made it to the second volume in North America.

Taiyo Matsumoto’s No. 5 app can be purchased via the iTunes store, and was developed by the IKKI comics team in Japan. Vol. 1 is currently available for $3.99, but special bonuses await those that take the plunge when the rest are available on August 5.

For a limited time, from August 5 to the end of September, vol. 1 will be priced at $0.99, with the rest at $3.99 each. After that, each volume will run you $3.99.

The volumes themselves are bilingual (English/Japanese), with translation on par with Matsumoto’s other domesticated titles. There’s also an animated trailer that serves as a supplement to vol. 1, and other bonus features—like an exclusive Matsumoto interview and a special wallpaper—will unlock through the purchase of all 4 volumes.

This is definitely a great opportunity (and the price is right) to finally read more of Matsumoto’s work in English.