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INTERVIEW: Tatsuya Kitani Talks About Creating JUJUTSU KAISEN’s Opening Song

jujutsu kaisen season 2

Season two of JUJUTSU KAISEN has begun, and that also means new opening and ending theme songs! The opening theme “Where Our Blue Is” by Tatsuya Kitani and ending theme “Akari” by Soushi Sakiyama are available now through Milan Records. Kitani took the time to speak with Otaku USA about the process for writing the song, how he approaches composing music for JUJUTSU KAISEN and Bleach, and what he would like his North American fans to know about him.

Congratulations on writing the opening theme song for the new season of JUJUTSU KAISEN! How did this project come about?

I heard that I was one of the candidates among several artists, so I made a demo of three or four songs and submitted it, and it was then decided that it would be me. I was more relieved than happy when I received the news that I would be chosen (laughs).

What was your process for writing the song, and what were you going for?

Since the song was for a slightly different chapter in the series, “Hidden Inventory / Premature Death Arc,” at first I was not quite sure what kind of sound it should have. Should it be dark, like the typical soundscape of JUJUTSU KAISEN or a more fresh and nostalgic sound for the new arc? In the end, I tried making both versions and ended up with a fusion of the two. My goal was to create a work that would make people want to take a look at the beautiful memories of their youth as well as the many pains they went through to keep them in their hearts as precious things even after they had grown up.

How do you approach writing different kinds of music for different franchises, like JUJUTSU KAISEN and Bleach?

I find commonalities between the anime series’ message and what I want to express in the song, and then I use that to create my melody and lyrics. After that, I think a lot about what kind of soundscape to make from the atmosphere of the character’s and the anime’s worldview.

What do you like best about JUJUTSU KAISEN?

There are many aphorisms and moments throughout JUJUTSU KAISEN that make you pause, almost as if you are reading a philosophical work.

How has writing music helped you in your life?

I capture the various thoughts and ideas that float in and out of my mind every day and turn them into words and sounds. This way, I can keep them in my mind and share them with others (even with those of you in a different country!). The act of making music helps me to cherish who I am.

Is there anything else you’d like your North American fans to know about you?

The atmosphere of Japanese music changes from one artist to the next, and the music develops at a dizzying pace within a single song. It’s really like a surprise box. I am sure that there will be much more strange and interesting music coming out in the future. So you should keep an eye on the Japanese music scene – especially Tatsuya Kitani!


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