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Infinite Stratos 2 Premium Box Offers the Ultimate IS Experience

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The dangerous combination of mecha pilots and hormones isn’t something that would normally come so heartily recommended, but it’s okay to make an exception for the girls (and boy) of Infinite Stratos 2. Fans and newcomers alike now have the ultimate way to experience the series thanks to

an extras-loaded Blu-ray set that’s available to order today.

If Ichika Orimura thought his lady troubles were over, he was sorely misguided. He had his work cut out for him last season as the only guy in an all-girls military training academy, and all the related situations are heating up further this time around. To make matters even more interesting, some new players have arrived on the field, including the Sarashiki sisters, one of whom is also the Student Council President at IS Academy.

While hormones run wild on campus, more serious threats loom on the horizon. Chief among them is a new set of female pilots in league with the enemy. When they show up with a new generation of stolen IS hardware, there’s no turning back from the high-stakes conflict to come.

In addition to beautiful deluxe packaging, the collection includes the Infinite Wedding Picture Drama, One Summer’s Memories (Broadcast Version), and much more. It’s the perfect gift for yourself or any Infinite Stratos fans in your life, so order your copy of


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