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Hunter x Hunter Creator’s Advice to Would-Be Manga-ka: Study Storytelling, Not Art

YuYu Hakusho and Hunter x Hunter creator Yoshihiro Togashi may take more hiatuses than his fans would like, but with two of the most successful shonen franchises ever under his belt, there’s no doubt aspiring manga creators have something to learn from the guy.

Now a piece of advice from Togashi aimed at would-be manga-ka is making the Japanese social media rounds, and it’s an interesting one.

Writes Togashi:

“To those who want to become manga creators: please study storytelling. If you don’t like working hard at that, please create great characters and leave the story to someone else. If you really want to become a manga creator, you don’t have time to waste drawing pictures.”

What do you think of Togashi’s advice?

Source: Yaraon

Matt Schley

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