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Hunter x Hunter Author Yoshihiro Togashi Opens Up About Health Status

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Fans of the Hunter x Hunter manga have been keeping track of the series’s many hiatuses over the years, but the manga has been off and on for very good reason. Author Yoshihiro Togashi—also known for Yu Yu Hakusho and more—has been suffering from debilitating health issues, and he gave his followers an update on Twitter this week. 

While it’s tough to hear about his poor health, hopefully this will shed further light on the difficulties he faces on a daily basis. In the tweet, Togashi said, “My symptoms have not improved and I have had to spend a great deal of time in treatment and recovery.” 

Last month, in addition to confirming that he was unable to sit in a chair and advising everyone to take care of their backs, Togashi explained, “I still had to take a shower every time I took a crap because I could not get into a position to wipe my butt. Every movement takes 3 to 5 times longer than usual.”

On the upside, Togashi has been sharing his progress with the Hunter x Hunter manga, and it seems as if he’s doing so at his own pace. His latest tweet added that the backgrounds for chapter 399 are currently in the works. As for when it will return, we’ll just have to wait until Togashi is ready to make that announcement.

Source: Yoshihiro Togashi via Crunchyroll News