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Hiroya Oku’s Gantz in Its Final Phase

Coming at the end of a three-month hiatus of preparation, Gantz mangaka Hiroya Oku has put the gears in motion to close the series with a final arc. Gantz first began serialization in Young Jump in 2000, and will end there as well, in this year’s 44th issue of the magazine, which streeted in Japan on Thursday.

Oku’s series of wild psychological thrills currently sits at 26 volumes, the eighth of which is scheduled for release from Dark Horse next month. If you haven’t already started digging into the story, now is a great time to do so, even if, no, especially if you’ve already seen the anime.

Be warned, though, it’s only going to make the wait for “Final Phase” that much harsher for us in America.

Source [Comic Natalie via ANN]