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HIDIVE Adds LaidBackers Anime Film to Streaming Lineup


HIDIVE has something for fans who want something different from their isekai… specifically for those craving some reverse isekai! You can get all that and more in Laidbackers, and HIDIVE announced plans to stream the movie starting on Monday, July 26 at 10:00am Pacific Time.

Here’s how Sentai Filmworks describes the feature:

Four former heroes are now living quiet, reincarnated lives in present day Kyoto, Japan. They bask in the warm contentment of being ordinary, modern folk without much important to do. But their idyllic lives are shattered when a precocious elementary schooler who is secretly a reincarnated demon king they once defeated shows up and starts making some serious demands! Now the former heroes must band together with their arch nemesis, because it’s do or die for team LAIDBACKERS!