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Hello Kitty Will Not Be Appearing In Super Robot Wars This Week

Despite this April Fool’s commercial, which we are leading with because it is extremely cool, Hello Kitty in her Hello Kitty-shaped giant robot won’t be in the next Super Robot Wars game. The gag is a cross-promotion between the popular videogame and the upcoming, very real Chogokin Hello Kitty figure. Even as a joke, this is so plausible that I would put down money that they’ll do it anyway. After all, SRW has already found a way to feature Hatsune Miku.

That being said, the hype train finally pulls into the station on the 10th of this month with the new Super Robot Wars Z3. SRW is the Japanese videogame equivalent of a superhero teamup like The Avengers, except its range is encyclopedic. There are too many series for us to list, but just the list of robot heroes that you’ve heard of includes Gundam (Wing! Unicorn! Zeta! Seed!), Evangelion, Gurren Lagann, The Big O, and Code Geass. All these guys, plus the Go Nagai robots, many others, and Gunbuster are going to run through what will probably be 50 or 60 hours of massive, screaming strategy RPG chaos – interrupted only by fanfiction breaks where Amuro Ray and Shinji Ikari go out for ice cream.

Like the previous game, this is planned to be a two-parter: the conclusion of Z3 (and of the SRWZ series) will come later in a second and final game. Go ahead and behold that trailer in the meantime. Preorders get an HD remake of the first SRW game (Game Boy, 1991!). As usual, due to rights issues to the characters and a bookshelf of epic fantasy novels’ worth of (frequently voiced) text to be translated in every game, do not count on this ever coming out in English.


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