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Half-Minute Hero Sequel Hits Japan on August 4

Did anyone here happen to play the quirky PSP title Half-Minute Hero? If not, you’ll have another chance when it hits Xbox Live Arcade, but there’s also a portable sequel on the horizon, and it just got an official Japanese release date.

Hero 30 Second, according to its official blog, will be lighting up PSPs in appropriately short bursts on August 4 in Japan. Producer Takagi Kenitirou apologized for the delays and thanked fans for waiting.

For the unfamiliar, Half-Minute Hero (Yusha 30) boils down classic role-playing elements into quick, frenetic bursts of action, tasking the hero with doing things like getting powerful enough to take down a boss in 30 seconds; a boss that in turn has the power to destroy the world in 30 seconds.

The first had quite a few different modes playing off this timed concept, so here’s hoping for even more from the sequel. The release date for the Xbox Live Arcade port of the original has yet to be specified.

Source [Joystiq]