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Hajime Isayama Creates One-Page Attack on Titan Isekai

final attack on titan manga

To coincide with the Japanese publication of the final volume of Attack on Titan, creator Hajime Isayama created a one-page newspaper ad for the Asahi Shimbun. And he had a creative take: the ad is in the form of a comic with Eren in an isekai story.

It has the purposefully ridiculously long title “That Time I Briefly Reincarnated Into Japan But Then Died and Got Reborn Into Another World Where Nobody Seemed to Care That Much About Me Until I Tried Transforming Into a Titan For a Bit and Now Suddenly Everyone’s Fussing Over Me in the Palm of My Hand.”

In the story, Eren is reincarnated to 2021 Japan, gets killed by a truck, and shows up in a fantasy world. In the fantasy world he transforms into a Titan to help out. And to cause harm.

Source: ANN


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