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Gurren Lagann, Others Make Viz Cinema’s February Pop

I long ago stopped asking the world aloud why I don’t live in or near San Francisco. Now I just think it on a regular basis. Old woes have been popping up once again, though, ever since Viz Cinema started, well, showing awesome stuff within their New People store location.

February is looking to continue the trend, and if you happen to live nearby I’d recommend giving their lineup a gander. As of now we have a celebration of director Isshin Inudo, with screenings of love stories Josee, The Tiger, and the Fish (2003) and Le Maison de Himiko (2005). To push the love theme further, you can even get a discount for your date on Valentine’s Day.

Moving away from this romantic mood, February also brings a one night only screening of 20th Century Boys 2: The Last Hope and, for those feeling particularly explosive, a special encore event screening of Gurren Lagann movies 1 and 2. BAM. Something for fans of love, live-action, and animated madness all in one month.

For more information on times and tickets, check out the February page at New People.

Source [Nippon Cinema]