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Dragon Ball Kai Coming This Year Via FUNimation

Though the question was never really “if” but “when,” FUNimation has confirmed their licensing of Dragon Ball Kai, and is planning on a release for this fiscal year. The first word of this announcement was caught by Daizenshuu EX via a FUNimation report on 3rd quarter earnings.

For the unaware, Kai is Toei’s rebroadcasting of Dragon Ball Z in celebration of the series’ 20th anniversary. It’s not just a simple reairing, though, as it features HDTV remastering, updated opening and closing sequences, and the return of most of the original cast for rerecorded vocal tracks. The series has also been edited to keep the pacing closer to that of the manga, cutting down on some of the much-aligned long-windedness for which the show is infamous.

We’ll update you as more details arise, but for now think of this as another series of DB boxes to look forward to once your Dragon Box collection is complete!

Source [Japanator]