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Gundam-themed “Zaku Tofu” Sells 4,200,000 Units

Since its debut three years ago, Zaku Tofu – tofu packaged in the shape of Mobile Suit Gundam’s Zaku robots – has sold over 4 million units, according to Japanese news source Sankei Biz.

Zaku Tofu is the result of a collaboration between Gundam and Sagamiya Foods Co, Ltd., a tofu company started in 1951. Up until Zaku Tofu, says the article, all hit tofu products were made with the entire family in mind, but Sagamiya challenged that philosophy by creating something that would only appeal to Gundam fans.

With Zaku Tofu becoming a huge hit, they’ve started to make tofu products appealing to certain niches, like children and the coveted 20-34-year-old female market.

But it all started with tofu shaped like the head of a giant robot.

Source: Sankei Biz

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