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Gundam Zaku Tofu: Hottest Tofu in Japan!

Hello, everyone!  Do you like Gundam?  I do!! Do you collect Gundam marchandise? I do, of course!!

So…what about Gundam Zaku Tofu? Tofu is one o Japan’s  most important foods. Sagamiya Tofu company has developed a new tofu snack based on the Gundam MS-06 Zaku. Using edamame beans, they were able to recreate its head. Due to popular demand, the first shipment of 140,000 Gundam Zaku tofu was sold out in just two days. But, the company is planning to make more Zaku tofu very soon!!

One package of tofu costs about $2.50. It is great for your diet and fun for Gundam fans.

Zaku Tofu on TV news:

Official Video: