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Gundam Build Fighters Anime Now Streaming in English

It wasn’t quite clear whether or not the Gundam Build Fighter anime would follow suite with Gundam Age before it and make its streaming episodes unavailable in North America. Thankfully that’s not the case, as Bandai and Gundam.Info are now streaming the series in English, and you can catch the first YouTube-hosted episode below.


Sei Iori aims to participate in the Gunpla Battle Championship World Tournament, but despite his skill at building models, he can’t control them in battle. Then Sazaki challenges him to a Gunpla battle in order to get his hands on Sei’s high-performance Gunpla. Sei accepts the battle, thinking that if he can’t even beat Sazaki, then he’d be defeated instantly if he made it to the championship. But Sei is backed into a corner by Sazaki’s overbearing fighting style until the appearance of Reiji, a mysterious boy who he met earlier that day. Even though Reiji has never used Gunpla before, he overwhelms Sazaki’s Gunpla with his superb control technique. Sei builds, and Reiji battles. Thus the Gundam Build Fighters are born!

Gundam Build Fighters is directed by Kenji Nagasaki (No. 6), and written by Gundam 00‘s Yousuke Kuroda.

Via Crunchyroll