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Grasshopper Manufacture Making Evangelion Rhythm Game

That combination of words up there may well be one of the strangest I’ve typed, but here we are at the crossroads of a very unexpected union. Grasshopper Manufacture, home to bold creative minds like No More Heroes‘ Suda51, are currently developing a rhythm game based on Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Rebuild of Evangelion Sound Impact initially came about due to Suda51’s appreciation of Eva’s music, giving birth to a rhythm game with the concept of “Break Through All the A.T. Fields.” Director Kazutoshi Iida (Aquanat’s Holiday) came on board once the genre was decided, and former Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka is remixing music from Rebuild of Evangelion with the approval of Eva composer Shiro Sagisu.

Suda 51 and co. already have some bold proclamations to make about the title, which is currently 85% complete. Suda promised that it would be the highest quality title of Iida’s career, and producer Kei Hirono believes they’ve created a new genre.

Sound Impact is scheduled for PSP release in Japan on September 29.

Source [Andriasang]


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