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Godzilla Singular Point Director Hopes Viewers Will Watch Japanese Godzilla Movies

Godzilla Singular Point is coming to Netflix June 24, and director Atsushi Takahashi and writer Toh Enjoe talked to Anime News Network about it.

“They [the kaiju] are not simply villainous kaiju that wreak wanton destruction over and over; we depicted them as living creatures that try to avoid the buildings in their way as much as possible, but when their enormous bodies make contact with the buildings, they end up getting destroyed,” Takahashi said. “By pairing them with the movements of an animal you may have seen before, I wanted to give off the feeling that they actually exist.”

“The first thing we were aiming for was to formulate a Godzilla story that is shown in animation through 13 weekly episodes,” said Enjoe, who is a former physicist. “I originally joined not as the screenwriter but as a consultant for the science fiction aspects, so I mainly thought about how Godzilla could be actualized as a living creature. People are right when they say that Godzilla is symbolic of something, but I wanted to try reexamining what could be reexamined through the perspective of modern biology.”

Asked about their own favorite kaiju, Takahashi wondered if the creatures in Tremors counted. Enjoe listed Godzilla from the 1954 and 1984 movie versions.

“I hope that watching Godzilla SP gives you the motivation to sit down and watch the older [Japanese] Godzilla films,” Takahashi said to overseas viewers.

Source: ANN


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