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Godzilla Resurgence Opens at #1, Fans Clamor For Sequel

Godzilla Resurgence, the Hideaki Anno-helmed reboot of the Toho Godzilla franchise, did gangbusters at the box office this past weekend, stomping the Japanese opening weekend record of 2014’s American Godzilla film.

Critical and fan reaction to the film has also been largely positive, causing even some hardcore Evangelion fans to forgive and forget the latest film’s repeated delays.

Resurgence, known as Shin Gojira in Japanese, made around ¥620 million, or $6.1 million, over two days and opened at number one, earning 122.8% more than 2014’s Godzilla – and a whopping 328.7% more than Godzilla: Final Wars, the previous Japanese entry in the franchise.

Aside from Godzilla-sized buckets of cash, Resurgence also scored major marks from both critics (like us!) and fans – so much so that Evangelion fans, previously furious at Anno for delaying Evangelion 4 to work on Godzilla – seem to be making an abrupt about-face.

Some fan reaction collected by Yahoo from across the internet:

Resurgence was so good! Way better than Eva lol”
“Anno, forget about Evangelion, make a Godzilla sequel!”
“Rather than continuing Eva, I’d be thankful if you did another Godzilla lol”

Resurgence is currently sitting at 4.16 out of 5 on Japan’s Yahoo! user-submitted movie rankings.

Though some Evangelion fans appear to have fickle hearts, Anno has stated his intention to finish the final Evangelion reboot film now that Godzilla is out.

Source: Yahoo!

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