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GKIDS Drops Dubbed and Subbed Trailers of Earwig and the Witch

GKIDS has dropped two trailers for Studio Ghibli’s Earwig and the Witch: an English dubbed trailer, and an English subbed trailer with the original Japanese voices.

In the first trailer we get to hear Kacey Musgraves performing the theme song and get our introductions to Academy Award-nominated Richard E. Grant as the Mandrake, voice-over veteran Vanesssa Marshall as Bella Yaga, and newcomer Taylor Paige Henderson as Earwig. Since the movie takes place in England, everyone talks with a British accent.

Next up is the version that will be playing in Japan. Etsushi Toyokawa plays the Mandrake, Shinobu Terajima plays Bella Yaga, and Kokoro Hirasawa stars as Earwig.


Earwig and the Witch will make its debut on Japanese TV later this month. GKIDS has plans to release it theatrically next year, making it eligible for an Oscar.

What do you think of the trailers?

Source: Anime News Network


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