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Gin Tama Animated Feature Officially Announced

Fans of Hideaki Sorachi’s Gin Tama, which originally debuted in Japan in 2003 and is currently being published in North America by Viz Media, can now start gearing up for a full animated movie based on the property. The anime itself, still ongoing in Japan, is also streaming on Crunchy Roll, with the most recent episode (181) available to subscribers.

Gekijoban Gintama: Shinyaku Benizakura-hen, apparently covers the Benizakura arc of the story, which will either mean something or nothing to you depending on how much of the series you’ve managed to soak in at this point. The movie is slated for release by Warner Bros. during Golden Week 2010 (sometime around the first week of May).

Official Film Site [WB Japan]

Source [Comic Natalie via Nippon Cinema]