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Get Stylish and Colorful in this Harajuku Hotel Room

harajuku hotel room

The Moshi Moshi Rooms hotel in Tokyo has a few different themes going on, including the Sakura room, the Origami room, and the Dosukoi room, and most recently they’ve added the Harajuku room.

Harajuku is both an area in Tokyo and a sense of style. You can see from the picture of this room that it’s vibrant with colors and likes to be both outlandish and childish at the same time. The room even comes with a kitchenette, fridge and utensils, so you can pretty much live there.

The normal night fee for staying is 40,000 yen (about $366), though currently they’ve dropped the price to 31,900 yen.

If you were going to stay in a themed room in Japan, would the Harajuku room catch your fancy?

Source: SoraNews24


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