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For a limited time, Otaku USA is having a sale on digital versions of our three special issues. Get Cosplay USA, Otaku USA Anime!, and Anime USA, each for 50% off!

To get these issues specialized for your iPad, iPhone, Android device, or Kindle Fire for just under three bucks, click here. We also have PDF versions available at with the same discount, which will work with any device featuring a PDF reader.

Cosplay USA originally hit newsstands in the summer of 2013, and covers everything from cosplayer profiles, to the history of cosplay. More details are available at this link. Because it was a one-off issue not included in Otaku USA subscriptions, a lot of people missed it.

With Otaku USA Anime!, we decided to do an entire special issue focused entirely on just anime. It’s got tons of anime reviews, as well as big features on Studio Trigger, Fate/Stay Night, Berserk, and more! You can find out more about it here.

Anime USA gives you a behind-the-scenes look at anime studios; the directors, and animators that make anime happen. There’s an entire feature devoted to Satoshi Kon, one on Gundam creator Yoshiyuki Tomino, plus features on Shirobako, Wit Studio, the rise of anime studio crowd-funding, and tons of other topics. Read the full TOC for a list of every story.

Each of these special issues have been off the newsstands for quite a while, so you can’t just pick them up in stores, and the supply of print copies available elsewhere is dwindling. This is the first time the digital versions have been available at a more economical price, giving you a cut compared to what you would have payed at the book store.

This sale won’t last forever, so act quickly. Follow the links below to get our special issues now, or you may wind up paying double the price later:

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