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gdgd Fairies writer Kotaro Ishidate Sells “Cool Japan”

Kotaro Ishidate’s been busy. The writer for weird anti-comedies gdgd Fairies, Straight Title Robot Anime, and even the educational My Little Sister Is An Osaka Momma has another anime project right now. Even hardened otaku probably don’t know it exists: we didn’t know ourselves until the credits rolled.

Gachi-Ota: How to Enjoy Anime 100 Times More (Hardcore Otaku) is a web show on Wao! Ryu Japan, a “Cool Japan” website aimed at foreigners with a selection of video series which extol the virtues of various facets of Japanese culture… and, of course, an online shop at which to buy the products featured in the shows.

Among them, there is a weirdness to Gachi-Ota in particular: the blonde, smiling cartoon “hosts” painted in broad stereotype and voiced by Japanese people. The tour of Akihabara is played straight, yes… but it’s narrated by the emotionless Nancy the Ninja, whose favorite word is “dattebayo.” Is it a pitch to anime-loving foreigners, or is it a gentle parody? Are the strange, sitcom-timed, ritualistic bouts of laughter a deliberate Fuccons joke?

Of course. It’s the gdgd Fairies guy. It’s all a joke.

Wao! Ryu Japan

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