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Garo Gets 3 Movies, Show, New Anime, Musical

That’s… a far amount of Garo.

Originally a 2005 tokusatsu series about a young man named Kouga Saejima who’s tasked with saving humanity from creatures called Horrors, Garo was notable for being a particularly dark and sometimes frightening series in a genre better known for teams of characters running around in bright primary-colored spandex.

Garo had one 25-episode season back in 2005, but that was followed by specials, films, new series and this year’s Garo: The Animation.

Now for the 10th anniversary of Garo, a huge wave of new properties has been announced. And we mean huge. See if you can keep up.

First up, there are not one, not two, but three live-action films on the way. Garo -Gold Storm- Sho will revolve around character Ryuga Dogai. That film will then be followed by a series.

Next, this year’s Garo live-action series will get two movies, Biku -Yamagirinochi-, centered around the character Biku, and -Makai no Hana-, centered around main character Raiga Saejima (Raiga is the child of the original show’s main character, by the way).

On the anime side of things, a second season of this year’s show has been given the okay. But that’s not it: there’s also a film of the anime in the works.

And as if all that weren’t enough, a musical is also being created.

Let’s just add these up real quick. Three live-action movies, one live-action series, one anime series, one anime film, and one musical.

Garo fans: how happy are you right now?

Non-Garo fans: how confused are you right now?

Source: ANN

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