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Full Garo Movie Trailer Has Your 3D Right Here

With said 3D comes a host of wonderfully gimmicky shots, in which all manner of objects fly at the screen to wow the audience. Honestly, it’s difficult to be too cynical about the formula when Keita Amemiya (Zeiram, Mechanical Violator Hakaider) is involved, and the full trailer for his theatrical Garo film is certainly full of CG-loaded 3D action.

For those that haven’t seen it, Garo debuted in 2005 as a nighttime tokusatsu series with a more adult flavor. With the increased production values of the spin-off film, subtitled Red Requiem, Amemiya can stretch his legs a little while keeping to the horror-tinged aesthetic of the series.

See for yourself how it’s coming along in the trailer below. In addition to the demonic action, it also has a touch of nudity near the end, so keep that in mind if you’re at work or, you know, a little kid.

Kouga Seijima (Ryosei Konishi) is a Makai Knight with the power to transform into Garo, a warrior in golden armor who helps defend humanity against Horrors. With the rise of seven new Apostle Horrors, Kouga sets off on a mission to hunt down and dispose of them for good. This leads to a run-in with a group of Makai Priests, including Rekka (Mary Matsuyama), who has an eye for revenge and a personal stake in this hunt.

Garo the Movie 3D: Red Requiem opens in Japan on October 30, just in time for a real cinematic fright night.

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