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Friday ACE Episode 24 (8/13/10)

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-A Rumor of Live-Action Lupin

-A New 2D Fighter ready to take on all challengers

-And A Warning that the Red Comet is coming To Japan?!

All that, and the first ever 2010 Summer Checklist in this week’s Friday ACE!



Mike here. Going to make this quick as I’m literally going to have to run out the door in a few minutes to attempt the impossible: A double-feature screening of both SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD and THE EXPENDABLES. Wish me luck!

-In case you didn’t catch it, for details regarding Intervention, go to interventioncon.com!

-The song used to prime up the Summer Checklist is “I Still Love H.E.R.” by the Teriyaki Boyz featuring Kanye West.

-Yes, Virginia, that was a SUPERHUMAN SAMURAI SYBER-SQUAD reference you heard in the Highlight Reel. I just couldn’t resist.

Any other questions and so forth? E-mail me at [email protected]!

Until the next,

Mike Dent

Highlight Reel

AR Char Custom Zaku-II Statue

UTADA to take a break

Live-Action LUPIN III Rumors

Erika Sawajiri’s Bad Day via Youtube


Ban Daisuke appearance details @ Generation Kikaida


5 In Tune


2010 Summer Checklist:

1.) “Mata Au Hi Made 2010 ~Tomita Ryu~” – RIP SLYME

2.) “Moon” – Ayumi Hamasaki

3.) “Ofutari Summer” – Ketsumeishi

4.) “Ai no Uta” – Shinsengumi Rien

5.) “Rain” – SID

6.) “Ever” – GACKT

7.) “IDENTITY” – Sakanaction

8.) “Wanna Dance” – Emyli

9.) “LOVE RAIN ~Koi no Ame~” – Kubota Toshinobu

10.) “Natsu no Wasuremono” – Tsuruno Takeshi feat TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRA []

11.) “Ring A Ding Dong” – Kaela Kimura

12.) “1107 (Ii Onna)” – CRAZY KEN BAND

13.) “milestone” – DEEP

14.) “Okay” – Inaba Koshi

15.) Safe and Sound/Bang The Beat – Kyosuke Himuro feat Gerald Way




ABC News’ coverage of X-Japan at Lollapalooza

Golgo 13’s Hard Black Coffee

Trailer for the Japanese GHOST remake

Twitch Film reviews Mushroom Clouds and Mushroom Men: The Fantastic Cinema of Ishiro Honda

Nostalgia Critic’s ANIMANIACS Tribute

Forthcoming Lina Inverse Figure from Volks

New Street Fighter X Tekken Screens

An Essay on Chun-Li’s thighs via PopMatters.com.

The Top 20 Potential Anime/Manga-related Characters fans would name their children after

Live-Action TIME CRISIS. That Doesn’t Suck.


The Last Word:

A Very NSFW Fan Meltdown Reenactment