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Dirty Pair: The Audiobook Series Pilot

Mike Dent, Otaku USA contributor and audio mastermind behind our podcast, Friday ACE, has really done it this time. With the help of a fine cast and his production know-how, he’s whipped up a spicy little radio drama for the Internet starring none other than the Dirty Pair themselves.

This treat—featuring Mizura and Liana Walsh in the respective roles of Kei and Yuri—is available via this week’s Bonus Round over at Anime 3000.

Not only do you get a pilot episode based on the Dirty Pair light novels (which Mike wrote about here), but insight into the production via a conversation with Mike, as well.

With enough interest, Mike is hoping to eventually be able to move on to an actual audio series, so go check it out and let him and the folks at Anime 3000 (and everyone else) know what you think via the link below:

Go listen now!