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Fresh New Manga for Your Weekly Reading List

Need some new manga on your reading list? Jump on these fresh titles!

In a perfect world, we’d all be reading more manga. Especially since simulpubs are a thing now, meaning we don’t have to rely on the manga section at the local bookstore to decide what to read. At the same time, lots of popular titles are several years and hundreds of chapters deep. It can be a daunting task to get started. So why not jump on some new manga right as they’re starting?

Here are three series you can start with little to no sweat—some with only one or two chapters out as of the time of publication! We’ll also link you right to the website so you can get started reading.


Kill Blue

Kill Blue

Have you ever thought Detective Conan was severely lacking in violence and bees? Then this new manga may be for you. Kill Blue is the story of Ogami, a hit man who’s been operating since middle school… or what would have been middle school. After his most recent job goes awry and he gets stung by a strange wasp, he awakens to find he’s de-aged into a middle schooler. No sweat, thinks his boss. She’s got a perfect job for him: going back to school and keeping an eye on her daughter.

Created by Tadatoshi Fujimaki (Kuroko’s Basketball), this series is shaping up to be equal parts middle school antics, high-octane action, and wish fulfillment. Especially as Ogami discovers that learning is fun.


Tenmaku Cinema

Tenmaku Cinema

The new manga from Food Wars creators Yuto Tsukuda and Shun Saeki switches the obsession from cooking to film! Tenmaku Cinema stars the dynamic duo of film-loving student Hajime Shinichi and restless screenwriting spirit Takihiko Tenmaku. The latter can’t pass on until he’s penned and produced his final great screenplay… and he needs Hajime to make it happen!

At only two chapters in so far, Tenmaku Cinema is shaping up to be a love letter to film and filmmaking. It also digs deep into the creativity of screenwriting and acting. No matter how much Hajime resists, he finds himself intrigued by the process… and by the star who will be taking the lead in Tenmaku’s short film.


Fabricant 100

Fabricant 100

Though it may the the least new manga on this list, Fabricant 100 is still early on enough for easy reading. This Frankenstein-flavored revenge tale hails from Daisuke Enoshima, former assistant to Yusei Matsui (Assassination Classroom, The Elusive Samurai). He’s already going strong with his first Shonen Jump outing, about “ideal human beings” created by a certain doctor. After these fabricants kill off Yao’s family, he teams up with the last of them—Fabricant 100—to get revenge.

At the time of publication, it’s only about 18 chapters long, having started back in December. So it won’t take long to catch up. Plus, you’ll get to jump on board a talented creator’s very first major work in the early stages!

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Kara Dennison

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