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Fireworks Anime Film Lights Up US Cinemas This July

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The latest movie from producer Genki Kawamura, who recently made a major splash with the hit anime film your name., is getting ready to hit US theaters. Fireworks is a sci-fi-tinged tale of star-crossed teenage romance, and tickets are available now for a special three-day event on July 3, 5, and 7.


What if you had a second chance at a love that seemed all but lost? This happens to Norimichi, a shy student who happens to be in love with the same classmate as the fast-talking Yusuke. The girl in question, Nazuna, seems to have made up her mind, and she plans to run away with Norimichi after being displeased with her mother’s decision to remarry and move. When this escape doesn’t go as planned, Norimichi finds a possible solution within a multi-colored ball that has the power to reset the clock and let them try again.

Nothing could ever be that easy, though, could it? This strange ball that Nazuna found in the sea has a greater power than they realize, and each time it resets the clock, new complications take them farther and farther away from the real world. With the tethers of reality gradually pulling apart, it’s going to take something special to ensure these two lovebirds get a chance to stay together without losing their tenuous grip on time and space.


Directed by Akiyuki Shinbo (Puella Magi Madoka Magica) and written by Hitoshi Ōne (director of the live-action Bakuman. movie, Fireworks is a timeless tale of youthful love that stretches beyond the bounds of our world. Don’t miss your chance to see it on the big screen where it belongs, and grab your tickets today for the subtitled or dubbed showings.

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