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Final Fantasy XIV Live-Action Adaptation Isn’t Going to Happen

You might recall that in 2019, there was talk about a Final Fantasy XIV live-action TV adaptation from Sony Pictures and Hivemind. But, like the planned Ten Count anime, it’s not going to happen. This came to light after executive producer Dinesh Shamdasani of Hivemind was questioned online if there were any updates to share.

Shamdasani said:

Dead. We took around a fantastic pilot script by Ben Lustig & @jakethornton
along with a multi-season plan they built with our show runners but got rejected across the board. The size and scale needed to do it right proved too much for anyone to want to risk. Amazon came closest.

Asked if an animation project would be a safer bet, Shamdasani threw cold water on this idea as well, writing:

Harder tbh and the rights are back in Japan unfortunately.

So what happened between 2019 and now? Writer Jake Thornton joined in on the conversation to say it was COVID that ultimately defeated the live-action adaptation, explaining:

It was a real result of Covid unfortunately. We took
It out just as studios began to zip up their purse strings.

PlayStation gave this description for the Final Fantasy XIV game:

Set in the fantastical realm of Eorzea, Final Fantasy XIV is a sprawling online adventure where thousands of players set out to conquer a vast world teeming with fierce monsters, powerful magic, and alluring myths.

In this massively multiplayer online RPG, you’ll share your experience with countless other players who populate the world, either passing them a wave as you scoot by on your own errands, or teaming up to conquer dungeons or fell powerful enemies together.

As you quest, you’ll shape your character’s skills, appearance, and history, take on job roles and classes, pick up powerful weapons and armor, and help the denizens of Eorzea bring peace to the continent.

Source: ANN


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