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F6 Takes the Stage at Mr. Osomatsu Live Event

It’s hard to overstate how huge a hit Mr. Osomatsu, the 2015 anime series based on Fujio Akatsuka’s gag manga Osomatsu-kun, was here in Japan. For months, it was hard to go anywhere and not see Osomatsu T-shirts, badges or a gaggle of fans lined up for some event celebrating the Matsuno brothers.

So it doesn’t come as a particular shock that Mr. Osomatsu is now being turned into a live stage event.

The event, entitled Osomatsu-kun on STAGE ~SIX MEN’S SHOW TIME~, will feature F6, the hunky idol group version of the sextuplets.

F6 will go on STAGE from September 29 to October 3 in Osaka before moving to Tokyo October 13 to 23. For those not in either of those cities, the October 19 performance will be beamed out live to 60 movie theaters throughout the county.


Source: Comic Natalie

Matt Schley

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