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Experience Norn9: Last Era in the Stunning Limited Edition

norn9: last eraFeatured Spotlight: Aksys Games

If you haven’t had a chance to experience the way Norn9: Last Era builds upon its predecessor, Norn9: Var Commons, now is the perfect time to do so. The limited edition release is now on sale for a short time along with other fantastic Aksys Game titles, so be sure to order your copy today!

Three different story modes bring the past, present, and future together in Norn9: Last Era. You’ll get a chance to experience some of the events from Norn9: Var Commons from new perspectives, learn of what happened after the events of the first game, and see what the characters were going through before it all began. It’s the perfect complement to the unique narrative stylings of the previous entry and a must for fans. 

The limited edition release of Norn9: Last Era packs the Nintendo Switch game with a bunch of physical bonus items, including a collectible art book, cloth poster, 11 Hiyoko Stickers, a 3″ acrylic keychain with chibi artwork and a collectible box. 

Find out why Norn9: Last Era is such a beloved followup, and definitely play Norn9: Var Commons as well if you’ve yet to dive into its world. Secure your Norn9: Last Era limited edition at a discounted price today and discover the many mysteries of its intertwining narrative. 

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