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Evangelion Bullet Train to Hit Japanese Tracks

It’s real: in order to commemorate both the 40th anniversary of Japan’s Sanyo railway line, and the 20th anniversary of Neon Genesis Evangelion‘s original broadcast date, West Japan Railway Company (JR West) is developing a Unit 01-themed version of their series 500 Shinkansen (bullet train).

The new exterior was designed by Evangelion‘s actual mecha designer, Ikuto Yamashita, under supervision of series creator and director Hideaki Anno. The “500 Type Eva” will hit the tracks from Osaka to Fukuoka starting this Fall until March 2017, along with a line of Eva-themed travel memorabilia and promo events.

Okay, so it’s not actually a real mech like Taguchi Industrial’s Super Guzzila, or the Kuratas and MegaBot scheduled to fight next year, but its top speed of 185 miles per hour is definitely about 19 times faster than that of the Kuratas. It’s safe to say that in a “melee” scenario, head-on collision from the 500 Type Eva would be far more destructive that anything the Super Guzilla, Kuratas, or MegaBot can dish out.

Source: The Verge