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Ed Sheeran Shares a Video About the Pokémon World Championships in London

The annual Pokémon World Championships got called off the last two years because of COVID, but now that it’s 2022, they’re back on. The event runs August 18-21, and for the first time it’s taking place in London. That means the event is playing up all things British, and that includes having British singer Ed Sheeran in a video about it for opening day.


And it doesn’t appear as if he were just chosen as a random celebrity. Sheeran has talked about his love for Pokémon, including tweeting this back in 2011:

And even more than that, remember when Sheeran did a collaboration with Pokémon GO?

Keeping with the event’s British theme, look at these Pikachu hanging near the iconic Tower Bridge.

London even has its own Pokémon, Roserade. Get a look at special Roserade and Pikachu plushies made specifically for the London event. Like any other big Pokémon event, there’s going to be plenty of merchandise to check out and buy.


Eevee also makes an appearance.


The event itself is located at ExCeL London. If you’re unable to visit the London event but want to see what’s going on there, the official Pokémon site explains how you can be involved virtually:

“Tune in to watch exciting matches live from London, England, August 18–21, 2022, on Twitch.tv/Pokemon, Twitch.tv/PokemonTCG, Twitch.tv/PokemonGO, Twitch.tv/PokemonUNITE, and Twitch.tv/PokkenTournament. Pokémon VGC matches will stream on Twitch.tv/Pokemon, and Pokémon TCG matches will stream on Twitch.tv/PokemonTCG all weekend long starting on Thursday, with the final matches streaming Sunday on Twitch.tv/Pokemon.

Pokémon GO will stream on Twitch.tv/PokemonGO Thursday through Saturday, Pokémon UNITE will stream on Twitch.tv/PokemonUNITE Friday and Saturday, and Pokkén Tournament DX will stream on Twitch.tv/PokkenTournament Thursday and Friday.

Expert commentators will help you follow along with the action in each game.”

Source: SoraNews24


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