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Dragon Quest X: Destination Wii

Sit back and behold, because you’re about to witness the impossible. Just when you thought Nintendo was pushing even more Wii units than they could ever manage, Square Enix goes and announces Dragon Quest X for the console. Combine that with the wildly popular DS getting Dragon Quest IX soon and you’ve got a recipe for long lines and eagerly furrowed brows in Japan.

This confirmation was delivered by series creator Yuji Horii at a press conference this week in Tokyo and, while it’s great news for Nintendo and Wii-owning RPG fans, it’s also not too surprising. After all, Dragon Quest games have historically gone to the system with the highest user base, and Wii definitely destroys the home console market in that regard. Whether the announcement was a bit of gun-jumping on Horii’s part isn’t clear, but you can judge for yourself with the following quote. These were, according to Japanese blog Gemaga, the quotes that followed Horii’s announcement of a March 28th Japanese release date for Dragon Quest IX:

14:25 — Horii: “We’re currently developing Dragon Quest X on Wii.”
14:27 — Nintendo president Satoru Iwata takes the stage with a huge smile on his face! Iwata: “Thanks very much for announcing Dragon Quest X on Wii!”

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