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Limited Edition Dragon Ball Z Goku Figures Lost at Sea?

Limited Edition Dragon Ball Z Goku Figures Lost at Sea?You can’t make this stuff up. A shipping vessel heading from China to California has lost over 1,900 shipping containers—one or more of which may have contained some valuable, limited edition figures of Goku from Dragon Ball Z. More like Dragon Ball Sea, amirite?

The ship, the One Apus, encountered gale-force winds and rough seas, which caused the nearly 2,000 containers to go overboard.

Premium Bandai, which released the figures, says it’ll take a month to assess what was lost, but there’s a high chance a bunch of Gokus are on the bottom of the ocean, somewhere 1,800 miles northwest of Hawaii.

The figures in question were originally created for San Diego Comic-Con, and are called Ultra Instinct Sign Goku. An initial batch, shipped earlier, are now even rarer than owners anticipated.

Other figures that may have been lost in the incident include Android 17 and 18, Son Gohan, Evangelion Unit-02, Scarlet Witch, Iron Man and more.

Says Premium Bandai:

The containership that carried Bandai products was hit by severe storm and lost many containers near Hawaii. The ship is at Port of Kobe, Japan for investigating its damages. It will take several weeks to over a month. We are currently waiting to hear about the container’s status from the authority, and we’ll announce any shipping information as soon as it’s available.

Sources: ANN, Kotaku

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