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Dragon Ball Fans Discover Perks of Joining Frieza’s Ginyu Force

ginyu force

Have you ever wondered why someone would choose to be on the side of evil, like, say, Frieza’s Ginyu Force? Well, it turns out there’s more to it than world domination. As Twitter user @insect_705 discovered while playing Dragon Ball: Xenoverse, joining Frieza’s army comes with its very own benefits!

Here’s the pitch, straight from the Ginyu Force PR firm (and the screenshot below): “The Ginyu Force also comes with a maternity and childcare allowance. Make sure you tell them when you’re about to have a kid!”

Benefits are tough to come by, especially for those struggling to find a well-paying and secure full-time job. If presented with this opportunity, who could possibly turn down a position in the Ginyu Force?

Frieza isn’t just a generous boss. He also made the list of Japanese fans’ favorite Dragon Ball movies, according to an online poll conducted in 2018. No wonder he just can’t stay away from the series!

Via Crunchyroll