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Top 5 Panda Hoodie Gift Ideas

Pandas are one of the cutest animals in the world. I mean, c’mon otakus! They have a rolly-polly white and black body! They spend their days eating bamboo and taking naps. What about baby pandas!?! They are absolutely adorable! Why not cozy up in a panda hoodie! Here are Otaku USA’s top 5 gift ideas for hoodies that’ll warm your heart as well as show off your love for the adorable creatures!

Become the Creature

#1 panda hoodie

They say that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery so why not look like one? Our top pick lets you take on the appearance of your favorite creature. The fuzzy material keeps you warm and cozy no matter the weather. The hood includes a set of cute ears to complete the illusion that you have become the cuddly creature of your dreams. To wear this choice is to become what you wish most to be!

Pros: This one is made of a material to give the appearance of fur, which is perfect in assisting you with your transformation. The back accents on the cuffs and pockets add to the cuteness of the overall design. The zip-up jacket design is very roomy and includes seperate side pockets on stuff with snacks or to keep your hands to warm them.

Cons: It is a zip-up design instead of the pullover design most think hoodies to be. The pair of blacks spots on the hood for “eyes” and the single black spot “tail” on the back do look more like random spots instead of what they are intended to be. It would have been nice if they chose a white zipper instead of a black to better match the front. Overall, it’s cute and looks like the creature it’s emulating, but it could do better.

Peek-a-boo! It sees you!

#2 panda hoodie

Coming in as our number 2 is a choice that lets you be the beast and show him off at the same time! This fleece-like pullover sports a cute set of eyes and heart-shaped nose on the chest while a pair of ears adorn the hood. This choice allows you to have the best of both worlds as the black and white design makes you look like a cuddly creature and feel like you’re being cuddled by your favorite animal.

Pros: This is the pick to feel snuggly and warm. The face on the front is so precious that you just want to curl up in it to show it some love! The fleece-like material envelops you like a fluffy cloud, making this perfect for naps or for being swaddled in angelic comfort as you read your manga. The black lining in the hood makes for a nice contrast compared to the outer white. We even have black sleeves so our arms look like theirs! The kangaroo pocket on the front is great to keep your hands toasty or to hide some tasty treats for later.

Cons: The ears are cute, but we could do with less of the fluffy stringy material they are made out of. They’re more like pom poms than ears! While we do want to cheer for our beloved bear, we feel there are better ways to do it than with two black fuzzy puffballs on the sides of our heads.

They Don’t Like Mornings Either

#3 panda hoodie
We all grumble and groan when morning comes round again, reminding us that another day of toil is upon us. Why not show how you feel about this time of day with the help of your favorite critter! Coming in as our third choice, this hoodie invokes the feels of everyone when the new day calls us forth once more. A sleeping sweetie adorns the front with the words “I Hate Mornings” written for all to see! This kawaii creature can catch all the z’s they want as we go about our day wearing this amazing pullover. Hope they have pleasant dreams!

Pros: This number sports an adorable print that everyone will fall in love with! If the standard black isn’t your taste, this number does come in other colors, such as green, red, and gray. The cotton-polyester blend is very soft and breathable which is superb for when you’re on an anime marathon!

Cons: If you’re a fan of cute prints on a blank background, you’re in luck! If you want more elements of the beloved animal, then you’re out of luck. This one is rather standard in terms of design. A set of ears or some other detailing would be nice, but as is, it’s still a pretty cool pullover to own.

Showing Some Love

#4 panda hoodie
At number 4 is our pick that will truly show how much you love these animals! What says love more than having the object of your affection placed inside of a heart! A realistic one is caught in midstep within the center of a purple-to-blue ombre heart, letting the colors consume him so he can truly feel your affection for his kind. His gentle eyes gaze about as if he’s excited to go on this adventure with you. Be the envy of your community with this sweet pick as you spread the love around for this cuddly creature!

Pros: The image of the creature is very realistic, and the colors of the heart background are gorgeous! The standard version comes in black, but other color options are available. Try navy or royal blue or heather grey! This number also has the very important kangaroo pocket!

Cons: While other colors are available, they’re basically variants of blue and gray. This doesn’t give as much variety as other numbers on this list. Also, the black parts on the creature are actually made to match the color of the pullover. So, if you go with a non-black version, you’re print is going to have a unique look. If you go with heather grey, the grey parts of the critter may blend in with the ombre heart. We would prefer the black parts of the creature to remain that color on all your options, but it’s still a cute print.

Have a Laugh

#5 panda hoodie

The times we live in with the pandemic cause us all to lose the will to laugh or smile. Can anything be done to help us remember to remember the joy we once knew? Wearing our 5th pick could help pick someone out of the dumps. Here we have a chibi version of the creature sporting a mask with the word “Panda-demic” printed beneath their feet. Their wide, innocent eyes will make anyone who gazes upon the print feel a new sense of hope that better days are coming as they have a chuckle over what they see. Become the savior of the land by restoring hope and joy once more by dressing up in this cute pullover.

Pros: For the chibi lover, you’re in luck! This adorable print will satisfy your needs as you bundle up in the soft material. The standard version comes in a sweet shade of pink, adding to the kawaii levels. If pink isn’t your thing, this number also comes in white and grey.

Cons: While the print is cute, the print is made so the white parts of the animal are the same color as the pullover. So, if you choose pink or grey, your print will also have those colors. Also, you only have the three colors to choose from. A little more variety would be awesome, but at least they chose some good hues. The mask used in the print is a medical mask, which can come across as anything but cute. We would have liked one of the cloth masks in a pretty print. Still, if you like chibi drawings and making others laugh, this is the one for you!

Pandas are one of the cutest creatures on earth so having a pullover that embodies our adoration of animal is a must! You can have your pick of looking like one, showing off cute drawings of one, or having one surrounded by your love. From cute critter ears to soft, fuzzy fabrics, there is a one meant for you. Whatever your pick, you can be sure that you’ll look panda-tastic!

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