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Dr. STONE Panel Talks Favorite Characters, Success, and Season Two

Anime News Network wrote up a summary of the Dr. STONE panel at Crunchyroll Expo 2020, which involved animation producer Shūsuke Katagiri, chief animation director Mari Tominaga, and director Shinya Ino.

Katagiri said his favorite character from the series is Chrome and complimented the Crunchyroll Expo Dr. STONE panel poster, saying, “The special effects on the characters are even richer than in animation… the composition is awesome.”

Katagiri also said that he didn’t anticipate the series being a success or even think about it at first. The show began to feel successful to him when Dr. STONE began receiving praise from people outside of production.

Mari Tominaga enthralled audience members by quickly drawing Senku. Shinya Ino finished the panel with teasers about what the cast will confront next. A trailer for Dr. STONE: Stone Wars was also shown, and fans will have to wait until early next year before they get to see the second season.

Source: Anime News Network


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