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Discotek Announces Releases for Reborn!, Monkey Magic, Marmalade Boy, More

Discotek Announces Releases for Reborn!, Monkey Magic, Marmalade Boy, MoreDiscotek, the licensor of choice for those into classic and/or leftfield anime, is out with an impressive list of new licenses and release details.

The company unleashed this flood of information through a series of posts to its official Facebook page today. Let’s go through them one by one. The following releases are due out September 25:

First, Angel Cop. This series is infamous for its controversial politics and insane English dub (the below video is definitely not safe for work or kiddos). Here’s how Discotek describes the series:


Japan is under attack. A group of violent terrorists, known as the Red May, have launched a wave of bombings and murder across Tokyo, threatening the stability of the entire country. In response, the government calls in the Special Security Force, an elite law enforcement division with the authorization to use any methods necessary to protect public safety.

Next up, the Devilman OVA series on DVD.

Says Discotek:

Based off the classic manga by artist Go Nagai (Mazinger Z, Cutie Honey), and directed by Tsutomu Iida (Mighty Space Miners, Hellsing), Devilman is a bone chilling horror that will keep you on the edge of your seat. It includes the original Japanese language with English subtitles, and the Manga Entertainment English dub.

Also out on September 25: 101 episodes of Reborn!.

The tenth boss of the Vongola mafia family has been decided, and it’s Japanese high school student Tsunayoshi Sawada! …Also known as “Loser Tsuna.” He’s not smart, he’s not athletic, and he’s the furthest thing from cool. But the boys back in Sicily aren’t about to let Tsuna stay that way. To make a man out of a boy, they send in the baby–the best hitman in the business, Reborn! In this collection, the daily life of Tsuna and the people he meets, fights, and grows to trust (admist zany antics) are contrasted by the deadly battles brought on by a rival seeking to take the Vongola boss position for himself. Then, Tsuna is cast into the future, to deal with a threat that promises to end the Vongola for good.

Discotek says the second half of the series will be released at a later date.

Next, Monkey Magic on DVD with both the Japanese and English dub tracks.

Based on the legendary tale Journey to the West, Monkey Magic focuses on Goku, a monkey torn between becoming a savior to his people and a lone, arrogant warrior. Born from a mysterious meteor that crash-lands on Mount Flower Fruit, Goku has an indestructible head and a stubborn streak. He becomes the leader of his people and tries to protect them from the local humans who would steal their resources.

Is that not enough classic anime for you? How about all 76 episodes and the movie of Marmalade Boy?

To Miki Koishikawa, it was love at first sight. It almost made up for her parents’ outrageous idea. Get a divorce, then swap partners with the Matsuuras and re-marry. Even if they were all living in the same house, isn’t that a bit too extreme? But then she saw Yuu, the Matsuuras’ son, and everything changed. In this complete collection of all 76 episodes of the classic shoujo series Marmalade Boy, including the prequel movie, Miki and Yuu’s relationship will be tested time and again, not just from the outside, but from within their own doubtful hearts. Will Miki’s ending be bitter, or will it be sweet? The trick might lie in who laid eyes on who first!

We’ve also got Stellvia!

15 year-old computer genius Shima Katase has been dreaming of going up into space longer than she can remember. So when given the chance to enter space piloting school she jumps at the chance. However, piloting is a lot more complicated than programming a computer. But what if she were to combine the two… Genius or troublemaker, Shima is certainly going to be making a name for herself among the faculty as the Second Wave approaches…

That’s a pretty insane September 25.

If that’s not enough for you, Discotek has also announced the license for Tetsujin 28, as well as the release of Wild 7: Another on July 31.

Bow down to your alternative anime masters.

Source: Discotek

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