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Devilman Receiving Month-Long Virtual Reality Exhibit

Ask Devilman Crybaby Director Masaaki Yuasa Anything January 21

The Devilman franchise is receiving a special virtual reality exhibit lasting from April 28 until May 31. The exhibit will celebrate everything from Go Nagai’s original manga to the anime that followed it to 2018’s DEVILMAN crybaby anime. A trailer has been released to give people an idea of what to expect.

Some of the exhibit is available to anyone for free, so long as they download the application. Part of the free section has video of Go Nagai talking to other famous people about Devilman, and the video will also become available on YouTube.

It costs money to get 1-day tickets, All-Day tickets or Premium tickets, and it costs extra if you want an audio guide. Paying will allow you to access all eleven areas of the exhibit.

Source: ANN


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