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Detroit Metal City Creator Launches New Manga Akina-chan

Detroit Metal City Creator Launches New MangaIf you’re anything like me, you’ve got good memories of Detroit Metal City, the manga about a death metal singer whose true dream is to be a twee pop star. Now Kiminori Wakasugi, the creator of DMC, is back with a new manga called Akina-chan Kamigakaru, which means something like Akina-chan is Possessed by a God.

In the manga, Akina-chan is a manga-ka searching for fame and glory, who’s suddenly hit by a strange, manga-like phenomenon. Meanwhile, an unusual event is taking place in her far-away hometown.

Wakasugi’s tweet about Akina-chan reads: “I’d love to go back and tell my childhood self I’m published in a page next to Mitsuru Adachi!”, referring to the baseball manga legend whose Mix can be seen on the lefthand side.

Wakasugi is also known for All Esper Dayo! and Sekai wa Boku no Mono.

Here’s how Viz Books describes Detroit Metal City:

Soichi Negishi dreamed of moving to Tokyo and starting up a bubblegum pop band, so what’s he doing playing in Detroit Metal City, the most scandalous, outrageous, and demonic death metal band on the Japanese music scene? Deep down inside, Soichi still dreams of acoustic guitars and trips to Paris, but when the makeup comes on and he transforms into his alter ego, Krauser II, not even the denizens of hell itself are safe from his soul-devouring heavy metal sound.

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