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Desert Island Manga Sounan Desuka? Gets Anime

Desert Island Manga Sounan Desuka? Gets AnimeSounan Desuka?, a manga about four girls stranded on a desert island, is getting the anime treatment.

Based on the manga by Kentaro Okamoto, the series will be directed by Nobuyoshi Nagayama (My Girlfriend is Shobitch) with series composition from Toko Machida (Lucky Star, Wake Up, Girls!). It’ll be animated at studio Ezola, and star:

MAO as Homare Onishima
Hiyori Kono as Asuka Suzumori
Kiyono Yasuno as Mutsu Amatani
Azumi Waki as Shion Kujo

The series will hit the airwaves this July.

Sounan Desuka? is, by the way, a bit of a pun: the phrase “sou nan desu ka?” means simply, “oh, really?” but sounan (遭難) also means an accident like a plane crash or shipwreck, so the title can be translated as “is it a shipwreck?”


Source: Moetron

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