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Demon Slayer Movie Breaks Records, Comes in Second at U.S. Box Office

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Mortal Kombat nabbed the top spot of the American box office over the weekend, but Demon Slayer: Mugen Train came in second place and broke records as a foreign film.

The Hollywood Reporter said that Mortal Kombat earned $22.5 million over the weekend and played at 3,073 theaters. Demon Slayer, meanwhile, played at only 1,605 theaters, but made $19.5 million. The article noted that 66% of Demon Slayer’s audience was male.

“To really get a sense of how far pandemic-era moviegoing has progressed, we just have to look at the fact that two R-rated films with some crossover audience appeal are combining to nearly triple the opening weekend of Wonder Woman 1984 just four months ago,” The Hollywood Reporter quoted BoxOffice Pro’s Shawn Robbins saying.

Demon Slayer: Mugen Train is currently playing in theaters and available both dubbed and subbed. It is the highest grossing anime film ever.

Source: THR


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